Prevent Chargebacks with Hybrid Intelligence.

Proprietary hybrid intelligence that is designed to achieve maximum chargeback prevention.

Every chargeback, even if represented, leaves a mark on your record.  We prevent them instead of representing them.


We do all the work so you can sleep at night knowing your Merchant Accounts are healthy.

Sit Back and Relax with ENABLEST

Every Chargeback is bad for your business. That's an unfortunate fact that every merchant must accept.  Banks have trained consumers to quickly initiate a chargeback.  Often Banks even encourage chargebacks with triggering bot notices and alerts that lead to one-click chargebacks.  Even major organizations like Dominos Pizza have reported drastic increases in chargebacks and chargeback related expenses.

To help merchants to have a fighting chance, ENABLEST has developed our hybrid intelligence engine that utilizes proven chargeback prevention tools like Verifi and Ethoca, monitors chargebacks and continuously optimized the effectiveness of the entire chargeback prevention domicile for each of our merchants.

Dedicated to Chargeback Prevention

We believe that prevention is better than representment.  As such we are only rewarded when we help you avoid a chargeback and not  by charging fees for answering chargebacks that were not prevented.

By aligning our interests, we have a vested interest in your success.


See the benefits you can get by working with our experts.

Chargeback Prevention

Every chargeback prevented improves your business' reputation with banks. Prevention is vital in keeping and growing merchant accounts. Our hybrid intelligence eliminates as many as 65% of chargebacks.

Health Strategy Design

The payment network rules are getting stricter all the time and having a solid merchant account health strategy will allow your business to succeed.

Chargeback prevention is not a set it up once and let it run type of affair.  In order to ensure maximum prevention, incurred chargebacks are reviewed in real time and the prevention engine adjusted.

Prevention Optimization

Dealing with chargebacks is painful and requires time and resources to do effectively.  Responding to chargeback complaints is important and must be priority. We take on the burden on your behalf.


Payment Cost Reduction

Health Monitoring

Monitoring the health of your merchant accounts in real time is absolutely critical so corrective actions can be taken without delay should any of our key indicator alerts be triggered.

By preventing chargebacks your business will naturally see a cost reduction across the board.  Even the rates paid for card acceptance can be lowered with a strong MID Health history.

Merchant Accounts

We are payment industry veterans and have been helping merchants of all industries and sizes get merchant account that they can keep and grow with.  We assist all types of merchants on a globally.

Making sure your point of sale terminal, mobile device, website, call center, or CRM system is properly integrated with your merchant account is of critical importance.  Our experts make the integration easy.

Payment Integrations

Back-end Management

We are experts an managing the bank-end operations of marketing systems and campaigns.   Our experts implement and manage world class processes, procedures, communications, and customer experiences.

Merchant Accounts are monitored 24 hours a day

The health of your merchant accounts in critical to your business.  Our hybrid intelligence is always on and looking for ways to optimize your merchant accounts health.





Chargebacks Prevented

Chargebacks that should have been prevented

Chargeback reversal success ratio

Real time health alerts


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See what our customer say about us.

My call center campaigns were struggling with chargeback complaints in excess of 4%.  ENABLEST got us back to acceptable level within 45 days.  What an incredible service.

- Shaun -

Principle @ Health Marketing

We wholeheartedly agree with the ENABLEST methodology of "Every Chargeback Is Bad" and add their Hybrid Intelligence to all of our clients campaigns.  This allows us to focus on growth, knowing we have coverage by ENABLEST.

- Gregory -

President @ Healthcare Serice

CEO @ Marketing Consulting

We have trusted the ENABLEST services with our merchant account health for several years now and would never consider running any program without the hybrid intelligence coverage and health monitoring.

- Peter -


Our pricing is simply.  You only pay us when we positively impact you business.


Peace of Mind with ENABLEST Chargeback Prevention!


Got questions? We’ve got answers. 


What is Chargeback?

Chargeback events where a customer elected to contact their bank or credit card and ask for the money back instead of contact the merchant directly.  Banks have made the process of disputing a transaction very simple, almost inviting, so most merchant struggle to deal with the increased number of chargebacks.


How is a Chargeback Prevented


What is an acceptable Chargeback ration

What is a Chargeback Representment


VISA considers any merchant who has chargeback ratio that is greater than 1.00% or has more than 100 chargebacks per month as high risk. Merchants exceeding these levels not only are subject to higher processing fees and reserves, but are at risk of loosing the ability to process at any time.

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